Picking paint, part 2

by Andrea Cooley

Last week I shared about the process of narrowing down paint colors for our living and dining room. Once I had narrowed the options down to 7 shades of blue/gray it was time to test it on the walls. I knew the best way to see what the color would look like was to buy some samples and paint.

We ended up using Benjamin Moore paint, so I headed to our neighborhood Ace Hardware armed with a list of colors. Unfortunately they only had one of the colors available in a sample size. So I checked around and discovered that the Woodsmith Store will mix any Benjamin Moore color as a sample. I think they were $4 each. Not bad!

Then I painted, labeled, and waited for it to dry. As you can see from the photo, the colors were all pretty similar, but having the colors on the wall to compare made me feel much more confident about buying several gallons of paint! One of the colors, a honey yellow, looked great on the swatch, but totally different on the wall.

The other thing to do when you have swatches or actual paint samples on the wall is to look at them throughout the day and in different lights. The light in our living room is especially tricky. Sometimes the color we picked looks more green and other times it’s more blue.

There are tons of great painting resources out there, but I think Better Homes and Gardens has a great selection of painting tips and ideas. Full disclosure: I’m a little biased because I’ve written for them, but not any of the painting info!

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Andrea Cooley

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