Picking paint

by Andrea Cooley

When we moved into our house in February there was nothing that had to be changed right away. But I knew I wanted to paint the living room and dining room. They were the same celery yellow color. At first, I didn’t mind it, but the longer we lived in the space, the more I didn’t like it.

The living room faces south, but there are two pine trees and a huge oak in the front yard that shade the house (which is great), but that means the room doesn’t get very much natural light.

I know paint is one of the easiest updates for a room, but picking paint is hard! For months, every time we went to a hardware store I stopped by the paint samples and picked some samples to bring home and tape to the wall.

My first instinct was that I wanted to warm up the room with a taupey brown. Adam wasn’t a fan, and eventually I started to agree with him. Any more brown would make the room feel even darker.

Then I moved on to shades of gray, but they just didn’t look right with the warm woodwork and floors. That was the hardest part, finding a color that complemented the wood.

Laura and Becca were in Des Moines in August and Laura brought her Benjamin Moore paint swatches. We literally spent hours playing with the colors! One of the benefits of working with a professional designer is that they have access to all the colors for a specific brand. Lucky for me, Laura used to work with an interior design firm in LA and still has the swatches!

We had a great time bounce ideas off of each other and trying lots of options. Adam tried to be interested, and we agreed on the colors in the end, but he admitted, he didn’t want to look at 100s of options. Finally I narrowed down the color to a sagey blue/green.

Next week I’ll post on how we narrowed it down to 7 colors that we tested on the wall.

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Andrea Cooley

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