Pillow Talk

by laura.johnson

This weekend Cody indulged me and followed me into Pier One. While it might not be for everyone, all those delightful bright colors and their wall of pillows… I swoon. So many textures that this girl can’t help but touch them all! Cody found a comfy seat and laughed as I whispered sweet nothings to these beauties. Alas we left empty handed, which is probably for the best.

I figured I needed to make up for the last 15 minutes of doillies, florals, and ruffles so I suggested we head across the way to the sporting good store. As we walked through the store, Cody touched the various athletic fabrics, knocked on the padded gear, and gripped the disc golf discs, while explaining to me the different polymers used.

I began to notice the similarities between the two stores.  They are both hobby stores. And while they are aimed at very different segments of the market, they provoke the same response from their shopper, the oohh and aaahhhs can be heard amidst the aisles, questioning the materials, trying the product, enticing each shopper with innovations in design and construction.  All of this results in the fact that we just can’t help but touch it all!!

I was putting together some of these thoughts as we rounded the corner to the hunting section and Cody pointed out, ‘Look it’s the boy version of pillows’


Ahh I love my husband, ever the humorist, ever the man.  And no, we didn’t take this ‘pillow’ home either.

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