Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!

by Andrea Cooley

Target Threshold pillow www.everafterblueprint.com

Emerson treated me to an extra long nap yesterday morning, so after I did my Bible study and finished getting ready for the day I grabbed the camera and took some pictures. It was too sunny not too! I’m still learning how to use my 50mm lens. I probably should take a class at some point. For now I just take lots of pictures and try to get something in focus!

Lately I've been finding great pillows on clearance at Target. That orange one was marked down to $7.48 and hopped right into my cart. I noticed a few snags when I got home, but I'd say it was worth it! It's just a poly fill, so it will probably lose it's shape a little, but I figure I could always take the cover off and replace it with a down insert if I really want to!

pretty pillow www.everafterblueprint.comHere’s another peak at our new sofa. (are you dying to see the whole thing? It’s coming soon, I promise!) I was really excited to pick fabric for the pillows (it came with 2 throw pillows). I love the yellow and turquoise! I am a little disappointed they aren’t down inserts. I think they have down decking, but they are already starting to lose their shape. Maybe someday I’ll change them out.Target pillow www.everafterblueprint.comHere's another clearance pillow from Target. This one is kind of a silky material. I was drawn to the abstract pattern and the turquoise and yellow. I didn't realize how similar it was to the pillows in the living room until I got home! I guess I have a thing for turquoise and yellow.

Target Threshold pillow www.everafterblueprint.comAnother Target pillow. This one wasn't on clearance, but I couldn't resist. I think it was $19.99, still not bad!

Target Threshold pillow www.everafterblueprint.comLook at that detail! I love the mustard and grey, especially for the fall and winter. And I think it looks great on that chair.

Target pillow www.everafterblueprint.comHere's the last new pillow. Yes, I might have a problem. Four new pillows in a month! I love how the swirls kind of have a faux bois vibe.

What's your latest decorating obsession?

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