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Pinterest Challenge: All Boxed Up

by laura.johnson

Gotta love these ladies for proclaiming a good old challenge, giving us a deadline AND an excuse to finally tackle that project we’d been dreaming about.


Ever since finishing our little kitchen revamp, I had been dreaming of a way to add a little punch of color to our practical and oh-so-cool Ikea storage boxes.

Like I do with most of my wild and crazy ideas, I put it through the good idea test.  I tuck it away and let set for a bit. Then, if I’m still dreaming about it weeks later, I pull it out and starting planning.  Along the way, I of course run my shenanigans by Cody, allowing him full veto power. After all, we are in this together! For this project he was totally on board.

This is the pin that started it all: I loved the varying sizes and colors, the warm wood tones nestled next to pops of white, peach, and deep sage!  However, I knew I wanted to add a little bit more punch to the mix, layering in a pattern or 5 and opting for a much more kitchy color palette.

So off to the store we went, first to look for patterned paper, and then to find paint to complement it.  I am a girl who love patterns and color, my husband, not as much.  While the scrapbook paper aisle is pure heaven to me, Cody quietly enjoys the air conditioning and the sight of his wife yearning for inanimate objects.  After way too much time allotted to picking a paper we finally decided on the Citrus Stack Pack.

For the painted sides of the boxes we wanted to bring out the accent colors in the paper while still making the boxes pop against our inherited tangerine/yellow colored walls.  Orange, green, and white seemed like the obvious choices while of course keeping some of the boxes totally bare. I had a few craft paints left over from our doily door cover project, so before I left the house, I did a quick dip of my fingers in the lid of the paint bottles to make my left hand into a multifunctional swatch palette. Plus this greatly diminishes the chances of you getting half way to the store only to turn back around to grab that blasted swatch book.  Not that I’ve ever done that before.

After checking out the papers we thought we might use against my splattered hand, we decided to risk it by not buying any additional colors and only using what we already had on hand. (pun intended) As for method, all couples have their own ways of working together, or in some cases not working together.  Generally Cody and I like to jump in and roll up our sleeves together, but for this project we opted for the divide and conquer approach.  I laid out the paper, trying them all in different spots while Cody worked on a project playlist, updated our computer, and occasionally popped his head in for a quick kiss or to veto a far too bold print, like this one.  Can’t say I blame him.


Once we got the right right paper to paint ratio, and some lunch, we started to painting process.  We wanted to give the boxes a thin translucent coat of paint so the grain and natural texture would show through.  I knew this would be easy to accomplish with the craft paints, but I was a little less sure about the Spring Green paint we used on out living room wall. After a few tries, of mixing and watering, we settled on a nice transparent covering allowing the beautiful grain to show through:

Next came our version of the ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan’; I cut the papers,


Cody sprayed and glued them to the appropriate side (cap),


then I balanced on a roller chair to put them back in their home.  I know, dangerous, but that’s how we roll.  (I know puns again but what do you expect from me?)


Painted Crates

All in all, we are thrilled with the result. Here, let me show you are few more shots, just for showing off’s sake!


Pretty Crates

Kitchen Organizing


The revamp (and the recent humidity) has even inspired another kitchen update, but to keep this post true to its Pinterest challenge roots, that will have to wait for another day.

OK one more after shot, then I’m done.

Kitchen Organizing


So how about you, did anyone else take on a Pinterest challenge? Putting off a project you’ve been meaning to do for months?  Have a great idea yet want someone else to do it?

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  1. Very cute! I love that idea for my office!!

    • Glad you liked it, and gotta love the projects you can accomplish is a single afternoon! Thanks for dropping by.

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