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Pinterest Challenge: The Pun-isher

by laura.johnson

What does our house need? A few more good puns. Yep you may roll your eyes but I have a serious soft spot for these lame jokes.  In fact the day Cody’s emails started including puns I immediately emailed my girlfriends letting them know that this boy had found my weak spot.

Free kitchen art printables

So a few weeks back when I spotted these FREE prints on pinterest I couldn’t help but add them to my ‘To Do One Day’ list.  Well last week one day found us, in light of the latest Pinterest Challenge I decided that even in my current condition I could frame a few simple prints and hang them.

I sent the images off to the printer, and picked up a few simple frames from the Dollar Store.  These 8 x 10 beauties even included a matte for a 5 x 7 print, can we say perfection?

Err well, almost perfection. Once I had the images cropped down to size I noticed that matting was not only hod-podged together, but didn’t fit the image either. Waaaah-waaaa.

Enter our spray paint hero, Krylon Brushed Silver.  We had this shimmery friend on hand from a project we did years ago, and we had just enough left to give the frame backing a little bit ‘o shimmer.

Notice the 2% difference below?  The bottom piece has a touch more luster, yes I know hardly noticeable but it gives off a finished look instead of the raw cardboard back.

Speaking of a more finished look, I also realized the natural frames I adored in the store, dearly clashed with our sweet yellow walls, yikes, so yep you guessed it out came the paint. This time I did want to keep a touch of the wood grain so I used an ubber watered down craft paint to give the frame a muted white washed look.  See how subtle the difference between the top and bottom frames?

Now to measure, once, twice, three times (yes I’ve become neurotic like that) tape my little prints and place.

Kitchen printables

Once I had all the prints in the frames I played around little bit with the composition, three across, all vertical, and finally settled on this lovely layout.

Kitchen printables

The clock is a much needed, long-awaited addition to our kitchen, and the tiny green colander arrived in the mail last week from a dear friend. (what great timing!)  The collection makes the perfect addition to our tiny kitchen.  So yes, next time I’m doing a mound of dishes I am at least greeted by delightful puns reminding me to just roll with it, be grateful, and most of all just smile.

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  1. I agree, every kitchen needs some good puns! and kitchen art, and a clock (i even blogged aout our kitchen clock, I love it o much!)

  2. Uhm, I LOVE these! I will definitely be putting the roll with it and be grateful ones in our laundry area that faces our kitchen (for now, trying to make it a little bit of a home before we demo it to the studs). You have such a cute little blog, I’m glad you posted your item for the Pinterest Challenge!

  3. These look so great! I pinned them a while ago, too–now I’m motivated to get them hung up!

  4. Looks great! I’ve seen those prints around pinterest too, but they look adorable in your kitchen!

    ~em at small girl, big world

  5. Very cute! I am another person who pinned these, and I think also downloaded these, but has not gone any farther than that. I don’t know why, but hanging up pictures seems to be one of the hardest DIYs ever in my house. We have lived her almost 4 years and have less than 10 things hung up on the walls (unless you count using nails that were left behind and needed to be covered up!) I’m currently trying to add some charm to our kitchen and would love for you to check out the “grocery” sign that I made as my contribution to the Pinterest Challenge.

    Take care,

    Claire @

  6. Wow. You amaze me. Life is crazy and you did a Pinterest challenge. Just in time for your sister.

  7. they look great! & cute layout!

  8. Yay for happy kitchens! How cute! Thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge. :-)

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

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