Project Fail

by Andrea Cooley

I was so excited to share my kitchen chalkboard with you! Unfortunately, it now falls into the category of a project fail. I have high hopes that it can be fixed, but for now, it looks like this:Chalkboard paint failNo matter how many times I try to get it clean with a slightly damp rag, the layer of chalk I used to “prime” the surface refuses to budge and I’m left with this smudgy mess.

I blame it on several things. First, I don’t think I used enough chalkboard paint. I did two coats like the directions said, but I should have done a third. Part of the reason for my haste was that I was rushing to get the final coat up during one of baby boy’s cat naps and I was just so excited to be able to use it!

Second, I wanted the chalkboard to be magnetic, so I primed the area with multiple coats of magnetic paint (more on that in a future post). The magnetic paint is almost black, so it was hard to tell how thick the chalkboard paint was going on and if I was getting even coverage.

07_chalkboard_rect540This pretty chalkboard from Country Living is what I pictured in my mind. I had visions of using it to write grocery lists and weekly menus.

For now, I’m left with a half-finished project. The story of my life these days!

Has anyone else had this problem with chalkboard paint? Can I just paint over it and try again? I’m grateful for any tips!

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