Block print curtains

Projects You Should Totally Do: Block Print Curtains

by laura.johnson

My recent orders for more bedrest has me spending far too much time looking at my toes and even more time looking at Pinterest.  Yet even though I have ample time, the whole staying in bed or reclined restriction prevents me from indulging myself in the latest great project.  But just because I can’t partake doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any fun!  Over the next few weeks I’ll showcase some of projects that have caught my eye recently and hopefully encourage some of you to take the leap and tackle a project or two for me.  And when you do please, pretty please, send me a few pictures, the only thing better than diving into a project myself is seeing what you’ve created as well!

A few years back West Elm swooped in a stole my heart with their unbelievably beautiful block print curtains.  Naturally I thought, well I could do that. Fast forward 2 years and I’m still looking at their curtains trying to get up the nerve to try my hand at block print.

block print curtains

Then these beauties greeted me on Pinterest while searching for my other recent curtain obsession. Seemingly simple block print curtains by Lowes Creative Ideas.  Instead of carving your print out of wood, rubber, or a potato, they suggest cutting your design out of felt furnitures pads and rolling on a small amount of paint with a foam roller.  Genius!

block print curtains

What a perfect way to dress up a pair of curtains you already own! I’m so curious to see what designs others come up with using this method, so please tell me of your block print adventures!

PS for those of you who are more inspired to B-U-Y instead of D-I-Y West Elm is running 20% off on their window treatments right now.

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