Pretty Pillow Projects

Projects You Should Totally Do: Playful Pillows

by laura.johnson

Yes I know I keep hearing how easy pillows are to sew but lets face it I’m a chicken.  Even though we’ve owned this beauty for over a year she’s only been out of her cage twice. Yep pathetic.  I have a new understanding for the way my grandmother looks at a laptop, because I get the same look on my face when I try to fire up this vintage machine.

But just because I’m a chicken doesn’t mean I’ve been pinning and pining after some fun whimsical pillows tutorials.  Here are just a few of my favorites that I think you should tackel while I continue to be a scaredy cat on bedrest.


amy butler snow mum pillowAmy Butler‘s Snow Mum Pillow

pretty pillows applique

Cluck Cluck Sew’s Scrap Buster Pillow


flower pillowGolden Flower Pillow From Kiki Creates


doily pillow cover

Dyed Doily Pillow from Crap I’ve Made

ruffle pillow

Ruffled Lumbar Pillow (Pier 1 knock off) from Lemon Tree Creations


Am I the only one frightened by sewing machines? Do you have intimidating projects on your ‘should do’ list?

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  1. You can make things half the battle is thinking u can I started with aprons and I always keep my hands flat one on the left side of fabric and the right hand behind the needle I have been sewing for 34 yrs now. Made 5 dresses for my daughters wedding

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