Succulent wine cork planter

Projects You Should Totally Do: Tiny Succulent Cork Planters

by laura.johnson

succulent planter cork magnet{Image Source}

UPDATE: We finally tried this project and it’s as easy as it looks! Check out the simple tutorial.

I must admit when a friend mentioned this idea to me a few weeks ago I crinkled my nose, all I could think about is moldy cork with a plant growing out of it.  Of course a few days later this beautiful image floated across my computer screen, and I was immediately smitten by this sweet cluster of succulents.

While I’m still adhering to my doctors orders for more bedrest, I thought I’d try to convince you that you should totally take on this project partly because it’s awesome and partly so I can live vicariously through your creative endeavors!

After a little time with google I found a handy tutorial online supplied by StyleBaggage.  The cliff-note version goes something like this;

  • Choose a pretty cork
  • Hollow it out
  • Slap a magnet on the back
  • Fill with a pinch or two of dirt and a succulent of your choosing

Of course for more detailed instructions check out Nellene’s helpful hints to the process on her blog. The only step I would try to add is some sort of sealer to the outside of the cork, to help prevent other living organisms (mold and mildew) from taking up residence on your sweet new planters.

I can’t help but think of so many great ways to display a project like this, of course they are darling as cluster or all lined up in a row but you could also incorporate these little planters into some of the other popular recycled cork projects like the ever so popular upcycled cork cork bulletin board{Image Source}

Or make cork disco balls:

wine cork balls{Image Source}

And seriously don’t you just swoon for these massive planters used in an Anthropologie display?

{Image Source}

Maybe not for the home, but if I came across these in person, I would definitely stop and ogle.  So many possibilities, so little time where shall we er I mean you begin?

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  1. Those tiny flower pots are pretty cool.

  2. How lovely. Here’s a link for the photo too
    The cork actually does not soak up water, so don’t worry about them getting mold or anything. Enjoy!

  3. I wonder how collect many corks. Could you share with us how to do it?

    • Go to your local pub/bar/restaurant and ask them if they would be kind enough to throw the ones they go through into a bucket for you instead of the bin!! My partner started bringing me home the ones from his work but I told him to stop as I ran out of things to do with them – this post means I will be asking for them again though!! Just LOVE the succulent idea :) Good luck!!

  4. Cork is actually naturally mildew and mold resistant … it’s one of the reasons it has been traditionally used to store wine :)

  5. Anthropologie always has awesome displays for their store. I may not be able to afford everything, but I always stop by for inspiration.

  6. The JanniCake link isn’t working! Where can I find detailed instructions?

  7. Thanks for sharing my mini succulent wine cork tutorial on your blog! I'm a huge fan of cork crafts. So far everyone's favorite are my wine glass cork tags…check it out here

  8. Tiny succulent pots = ADORABLE idea, thanks!

  9. How long until the succulents outgrow the cork? I'm afraid to put in all the effort and cost, only to have to repot them in a few weeks….?

    • Most succulents are very slow growing, so these little cork pots would be great for a couple seasons, maybe more!

  10. super cute! both my aunts love wine and would love this. they have a huge wine cork collection

  11. LOVE the cork plants!

  12. Far from having the succulents outgrow the container, I've had more difficulty with them withering in just a few weeks. I'm still trying, though:  
    Oh, and my teen daughter teaches at one of those "bring your own wine" studios and shared a sweet little pile of corks recently, so I'm giving a few pre-drilled ones away. Perfect for co-worker Christmas gifts or the like. 

  13. How great is that????  Recycle, recycle, recycle

  14. Anyone out there have any idea what you would charge for one of those cute little cork planters? I'd like to make some for a upcoming charity craft fair and I know people would love them….what would you guys pay for something like this? 

  15. Love these! What a wonderful use for corks. Where did you find succulents small enough for the corks? I'm ready to do this tomorrow! 

  16. Loved it! I have taken the liberty of posting this on Facebook – – an online community to spread eco-awareness. Trust this is fine with you.
    Pravin Amudan

  17. charlotte mcclure April 5, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Have been saving corked for a little while, now have a new fun way to display

  18. You can use baby tillandsia (succulent airplants) and not have to use planting soil. Just hot glue them in place at an attractive angle.

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