Burlap Spring Wreath

Quick & Easy Spring Wreath

by Andrea Cooley

It’s been a rough couple days in the Cooley house. Baby boy is sick (baby colds are the worst! Especially when they involve nebulizer treatments) and Adam was out of town for work, but this weekend I was able to sneak in a little craft-therapy! Remember the springy wreath from Delightfully Noted I shared last week? Well, I made my own!
Spring wreath materials, burlap, flowersI used a foam wreath form I already had, and a roll of burlap and some faux berries from JoAnns. I wrapped the burlap around the wreath and used a couple straight pins to secure it. Then I took apart the berry branches and hot-glued a few onto the wreath.

Burlap spring wreathWould you believe me if I told you I’d never made a fabric flower before? I’ve seen them all over the place and knew they were supposed to be super simple, but for some reason I’d never made one. I’ve been converted! They are so so easy and they’re meant to be imperfect! That’s my kind of craft–I don’t usually have the patience for anything too detailed. Especially when I’m trying to squeeze craft time in during baby boy’s 45 minute naps.

I followed this fabric flower tutorial from the lovely Kate Bower. Seriously, if you haven’t made a fabric flower, what are you waiting for? Go find a fabric scrap and start twisting! There’s no sewing involved!

Burlap spring wreathI can’t help but smile when I see the wreath as I pull in the driveway. Isn’t it lovely? IMG_0849You’d never guess that this is what it looked like outside when I hung the wreath on the door! Here’s hoping it welcomes in some spring weather!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I'm so sorry your little one has been sick!  I hope things are getting better!  I love your cheery wreath!  I'll try and send some our nice weather your way :).

  2. I love an easy project! Hope your household is feeling better.  Thanks for linking up :)

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