Raking, round one

by Andrea Cooley

This is our first fall in our house and we are quickly discovering how many leaves one oak tree can dump. Sunday was dry and we spent a couple hours raking and bagging and trimming. Growing up we had huge maple trees and I remember jumping in the huge piles of golden leaves. We would load up big tarps and haul the leaves into the street. In Des Moines you have to bag your leaves. We filled 5 bags and our 40-gallon compost bin and still have more to do!

The yard may look good above, but check out how many leaves are still on the tree. It doesn’t even look like its dropped half its leaves yet!We only have a rake, but one of our neighbors was testing blowers for a magazine, so we got to try out a Black & Decker blower:

The leaves were still pretty wet, and we had lots of sticks that it didn’t like to suck up, but it worked great on the driveway.

I will say I prefer the solitude of raking though. That thing was noisy!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Gerard and i bought a leaf blower that has an extension you can change out to have it vacuum the leaves and it multches it into a bag. I put the multched leaves into my garden and saved us the compost bags plus, it was good for my garden! I think he found the leaf blower at Menard’s…

  2. Looks like our yard, Andrea. We have so many of those brown oaks in our back yard. This is the “fun” part of home ownership.

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