Real Life: Climate Contol

by laura.johnson

Only in the Midwest do you need a fan and a space heater within the same week.  85 and sunny followed by a blizzard 3 days later.

Contrary to what you might assume, it’s the space heater that is getting a work out these days. As everyone else sheds their down comforter, we break out the space heater in our household. Our building is heated with radiant heat–it’s one of the features I love the most about the building. It allows me to skip the inner battle between being cheap and being warm, hallelujah! However, per building policy as of April 15th they shut off the heat. Not turn down, or scale back, turn off.

Last year we froze, wore mittens indoors, and huddled under blankets. But this year we got smart, we waited for the clearance aisle to fill with discarded/overlooked space heaters and we snatched up the one that will be the easiest to store for the 10 months a year we won’t need it.

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