Real Life: Priority Test

by laura.johnson

Our plants are dying.

Our bed hasn’t been made in a long time

The pile of bills is growing ever larger,

as is the dirty laundry, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You see gorgeous spring days and a beautiful new daughter often having me begging for more hours in the day so I can enjoy them both.  This past week as I watch the sun setting through the NICU windows I try not to think about the laundry to fold, errands to run, calls to make, let alone the fact I’m missing the blooming tulips and daffodils.  Even as my thoughts drift to new spring buds and sun soaked days I wouldn’t trade a moment with our dear girl for all the blooms in the world!

From what I hear the balancing act of new motherhood is always a difficult adjustment. So right now I’m choosing to look at my hap hazard house and my unfinished to do list as evidence that my priorities are right where I want them to be, with my daughter and my husband. Reminding myself that the rest can wait for later.

Unfortunately for now that means fewer blog posts until our life finds it’s new normal. Of course I can’t take a complete hiatus! There are projects I’ve been dying to do since being on bedrest, and a sweet little nursery nook to get ready before Lydia comes home. We’ll take it little by little and share with you all along the way.

For medical updates and Lydia’s progress drop by my Facebook page. That has been the best way for us to share photos and news with friends and family, and of course you readers count as both.

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