Reflecting God’s Glory

by Andrea Cooley

When I shared about finding focus for the blog and writing a mission statement for the blog I mentioned that I’ve also been thinking about and working on a purpose statement for myself.

As I was thinking and praying about my purpose, I kept reading about how we are created to bring God glory. Then I read Isaiah 43:7 “We were made by God for his glory” and it just clicked.

So here’s my purpose statement:

I live each day to reflect God’s glory through my life, relationships, home, and work.

This means, that whether I’m changing diapers and picking up toys for the fifth time that day or producing a story for a magazine and working on the blog, I want everything I do to be a reflection of who God is and his awesome love for me and others.

Sometimes it’s easier for me to feel like I have purpose and worth if I’m working on something I deem “important” or that I’m getting paid for. I know this isn’t true, but as I continue to adjust to not working full time, it’s easy to believe the lie that my days at home aren’t significant.

When I lose focus on the bigger picture of who God is and the knowledge that he can use me wherever I am, no matter what I’m doing, I lose site of my identity. And my identity is grounded in the fact that I am a child of God, created in his image. Regardless of whether I’m working at a desk and going to meetings in a corporate office or on my hands and knees pretending to be a dump truck with Emerson, I am loved by the King and my worth should be found solely in him. I truly believe he has called me to be home with Emerson right now instead of working full time, and that in itself is a reflection of God’s glory.

As any mom can tell you, whether they are home with kids full time or not, raising kids is a selfless task. And the more I learn to die to my own wishes and comforts as I raise Emerson, the more I become like Christ.

I’m not saying it’s always easy or fun. There are definitely weeks when I wish I could drop Emerson off at a sitter and spend my time being creative and collaborating on projects with a team, but then I remind myself that these days are precious. Soon I will be juggling not one kid but two, and even that won’t last forever. I don’t have to stay home forever. But for now, I know it’s best for our family. And if I can spend my days reflecting God’s glory to my children, how amazing is that?

Does anyone else have a purpose statement? I’d love to hear it! And if you don’t, I highly recommend taking some time to think about it and create one for yourself and your family.  Now that I have my statement, I want to post it somewhere in the house as a reminder.

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Andrea Cooley

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