Rosemary Topiary

by laura.johnson

Last week when all the world around us was nearly neck deep in snow I got out my pruning sheers and my bucket of dirt. Hooray for the joys of container gardening! In the midst of the biggest snow storm of the year I can still prune to my heart’s content.

Image from

Actually I have been eying rosemary topiaries for quite some time now. I’ve have been keeping my eye out for some sort of beautiful trellis for those sweet smelling sprigs to wrap themselves around. I was all set to buy this beauty at IKEA, but alas it appears that it’s no longer available.

image from IKEA

So of course I set to work to make my own, which as it turned out was WAY easier than even parking at IKEA.

I rummaged through our coat closet for a couple wire hangers, and bent the hangers into the desired shape,

hooked the hangers around the rosemary roots

and twirled the sprigs around the new form.

and PRESTO pretty rosemary topiary.

Now I wonder what took me so long?

As I was bending and shaping this new look for herbal topiary, I also started a few new growths of both our basil and rosemary. There is something so beautiful and simple about just a few sprigs of green in water.

Update 4-28-11: Look how far we’ve grown, what a happy little rosemary plant.  Is is odd that I can’t wait to eat him up?  The end are so close to joining!


Honesty Update 4-23-12 I killed it.  I know shameful, very shameful, after 2 1/2 beautiful years together I some how forgot that plants like water. Whoops, I guess I can entere this in the ‘correct priorities’ category.



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  1. Hey Laura!
    My cousin has a crafty website that I think you and Andrea may enjoy: I love getting inspiration from you ladies!

  2. Hey, it looks so wonderful. Really you done a great job !

  3. Lol…I read that last bit and actually gasped, like I was reading the shock end of a novel or something. Great idea on the topiary. Live to fight another day on the plant!