Scarves with a mission

by Andrea Cooley

I love a beautiful scarf! Aren’t the colors of these amazing?

Over the past year, Adam and I have had the privilege to partner with and serve alongside friends who started Beza Threads, a non-profit organization to save young girls from sex slavery in Ethiopia. For every scarf that is purchased, a girl can get off the street for one night. This fall, Beza Threads launched Project 10, with the goal of selling 3,000 scarves, and saving 10 girls from sex slavery over the next year.

The scarves are amazing in their colors and intricate detail! I have several that I wear and have given many as gifts. And if you don’t wear scarves, you can use them as a table runner! Who doesn’t love an accessory they can wear and decorate with? It’s the best of both worlds!

The scarves are 72 inches long, made from silk and cotton, and are $20 each. The scarves are absolutely beautiful in person! My photos don’t do them justice!

Please visit their website to read the stories of some of the girls who have been helped by the program and learn more about the issue of child slavery. You can also order scarves. If you live in Des Moines and would like to order scarves, please let me know, and I can arrange to bring them to you. They are also opportunities to host a scarf party for friends. If you’re interested in that, let me know and I can give you more details.

I love how quickly a table runner can change the look of our dining room. Who would have thought to use a scarf on the table?

It’s hard to see the true color of this scarf. (I’m thankful Daylight Savings time means it’s lighter in the morning, but that means it’s dark by the time I’m home from work making for less-than-ideal photos) The yellow is more of a shimmery gold color that catches the light.

I folded in the sides of the scarf to make it a little narrower, but you could leave it unfolded if you have a wider table.

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