Secrets from a Stylist

by laura.johnson

People who know I am a great lover for furniture, decor, and crazy paint schemes often assume HGTV is on constant humm at our household.  Truth be told I haven’t watched a single one of their shows in over 4 years.  What can I say, I haven’t had cable.

But a few people have been raving about a new show called Secrets of a Stylist.  So I decided I should check it out during the lull of recent reruns.  Emily Henderson (the secretive Stylist) is adorable and a half as she works her ever lov’n tail off to create up to 3 entirely new looks to a space!  She has great insights as she works about building a dynamic cohesive look, why certain objects work together, and even shares a few hidden hints into the biz of getting that longed for ‘out of the pages of a magazine’ look.

Perfect though she is not, she allows the viewer to partake in challenges and improvisations of a large scale project with out hiding the gut wrenching agony of when something goes drastically wrong.  ‘It’s totally fine, I’m just a little nauseous is all.  But it’s going to be totally fine, it’s just a sconce, it’s not a baby’.  Oh Emily, how I know that feeling.

Watch the show, enjoy her quips, but maybe save it for a night your husband isn’t home, or you might find yourself watching Myth Busters to make up for the furniture and decorating talk.

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