shelf styling


by laura.johnson

shelf style

We did it, we finally added just a punch of color to our oh so blank wall.

I’m not sure if it was fear of commitment or simply overwhelmed by so many wonderful possibilities.  But whatever it was I finally got over it,  busted out the power screwdriver, and got to work.

Several months ago we scored these great floating shelves in our laundry rooms the free-cycle stash.  (yep another perk of apartment life)  They need a little work and I wasn’t sure where I  would put them but I figured the price was right (free), so we’d try them out.

Plus this is merely flesh wound.  A dab crack filler and a touch of paint will do the trick.

In cleaning up the shelves I found 3 different 2nd hand prices on it!  1 garage sale looking on, 2 other Good Will looking ones.  Poor little orphan shelf needs a home.

So far I like it on on our not so blank wall.  It blends the two spaces (work and play) while highlighting the architectural crown molding, and adds a touch of functionality to boot!  I think the cork board (also a free-cycle stowaway) will be any ever growing experiment with the latest photos and keepsakes from trips together.

Of course now my mind is swimming with options for the remaining space… suggestions?

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  1. Maybe have a canvas portrait done of a wedding photo of you and Cody? Price-y but will last forever!! :)

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