by Andrea Cooley

Who else has been reading and following along with #SheReadsTruth? I started seeing the hashtag on twitter and hearing about it on some of the blogs I read. Yesterday I finally got my act together and started the Surrendered Life reading plan.

Here's what it is in a nutshell: A few women decided they wanted to start reading their Bible on a daily basis (isn't that something we all want to do?) but they needed some accountability. So they started going through a daily reading plan on YouVersion (see more on the app below) and texting and tweeting their thoughts each day. The idea caught on and a community quickly formed around the daily readings. People were sharing pictures of their favorite verses and bascially encouraging each other. Isn't it awesome what God can do with a simple idea?!

Now they've launched a website and are on their second reading plan. They post weekly memory verses that you can save to your phone and have daily devotionals to go with the scripture reading.

I'm only on Day 2, but I really want to stick with it! I always have my phone with me and spend more time looking at things on it than I care to admit. I have no excuse for not committing 5 minutes to reading God's Word. Who wants to join me?

And does anyone know if there's a version of this for men? Not that Adam can't do this one, but it would be awesome if #HeReadsTruth became a community too!

If you have a smart phone or iPod touch, I recommend downloading YouVersion. It's a great, free Bible app that has reading plans, daily verses, and tons more that I'm sure I haven't figured out.

Happy Fourth of July! Hope you're staying cool and spending it with family and friends, celebrating our Freedom!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. oh finally! I see that hashtag on instagram all the time. I never knew what it was for. thanks for the link. I can't wait to get started <3 

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