Shopping for: Outdoor Rugs

by Andrea Cooley

outdor rugs under $200

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We don't really have a patio, but we do have a large patch of concrete outside our back door. In a dream world I would tear it out and put in a brick patio, but that takes lots of time and money and definitely won't be happening anytime soon. 

The worst part about the concrete is that there's a big area that's crumbling. It seems to get worse every year. Silly Iowa winters. Since tearing it out isn't really an option, I have decided we'll cover it with a rug! What you can't see can't hurt, right? There are so many great outdoor rug options, but ideally I'll find something that is 8'x10' and less than $200. I'm leaning toward number 1 or 6 above.


Aside from a rug, Adam's also hoping to build a table. Here's one we like from Shanty 2 Chic. I love the saw horse base and two-tone finish. What do you think?

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