Sight Seeing

by laura.johnson

Nothing beats a change of scenery for an inspiration pick-me-up.  Some people snap pictures of mountains and wildlife, I snap photos of homes, gardens, and store fronts that get my brain a spinning!

Here are s few sights that made me a little shutter happy.

A-frame houses are my new obsession!  I know, potentially not great to live in but oh those dramatic lines and quaint loft space.  They make me swoon, and yes in this mountain snow laden town I was swooning A LOT.

This home even came with an elevator, sweet!  You know for those days you are too sore from splitting wood to hike up those stairs.

Check out this beautiful paint job.  The gradual color changes remind me of the ombre obsession that seems to be sweeping the web.  These sweet Victorian charmers were all over Gunnison, Colorado, if I could have fit them in a carry on I would have brought so many of these homes back with me!

When looking for a carefree ground cover for around the cabin, Cody’s parents decided on native wildflowers.  Breathtaking and beautiful.

I started dreaming of seeding the empty lots near by our apartment, however they warned me that these beauties have turned out to be more of a high maintenance flower than they originally expected. Without intense weeding sessions early on and a good dose of water, this bed would have been much more wild than flower.

I love the old ghost town store fronts, it takes you back to when they could really roll up the side walks (this town still had plank sidewalks) and know ALL of your neighbors.  As much as I love living the metropolis life, I adore visiting these quaint small towns.


Yes, the boys put up with my, ‘let me take a picture of’ tactics.  Lucky for me, my mother-in-law Ginger was also busy taking pictures of her latest love, old weathered barns, we are quite the pair!

What is your newest aesthetic obsession?  Do you take vacation inspiration photos or am I the only one that dreams of home when far away?


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