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Small Space Solutions: Pantry Storage

by laura.johnson

Tiny, poorly-planned kitchens are often the norm in apartment living, and ours is no different.  The food prep and eating area combined just top 100 sq feet. Which make for a few sparks between us while preparing dinner, and lots of creative storage solutions.

creative kitchen storage

We’ve pared down our belongings drastically.

small space kitchen solutions

Added a little butcher block counter top in the place of extra stove burners.

pretty kitchen storage

Modified our pretty display cabinets for a little more functionality.

kitchen storage

All of those upgrades have added so much to our little space, but the one I couldn’t live without is our little pantry—well broom closet turned pantry that is. After all, who needs a closet for a broom when your food is in boxes on the floor?

pantry storage

So before we did much unpacking, Cody headed to the hardware store to pick up adjustable shelving rails, brackets, and 1/4″ chip board we had cut to size.

If I remember correctly (which I’m sure I don’t) it was fairly simple to install, the rails screw into the cabinet, and then you can pop in the backets and shelves where ever you like.  The trickiest part of the whole operation is making sure your bracket holes will line up to create level shelves.

pantry storage

That simple modification added almost 5 sq ft of storage to our teeny tiny kitchen and only took the afternoon to complete!  I love projects like that!

How about you, have any great space maximized tips to make small kitchen functional?

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  1. Great tips on making the most of a small space. I have tiny kitchen so I'll try some of these tips for sure.

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