Sneak Peeks

by Andrea Cooley

As usual, I have a lot of projects in the works. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t just start one project when I could start five! Sometimes it’s hard to wait to post pictures until after I’m finished with something—or feel like it’s blog worthy. But I’m too excited to show you what I’ve found, so I thought I’d tempt you with pictures of what’s laying around the house right now.

I snagged these frames for $4 each at a thrift store!

If you haven’t been to Joann’s lately, I highly recommend a trip to check out their fabric. I had no idea what a great selection they have! It’s a good thing I was shopping by myself. If Laura and I went together it would be dangerous! As it was, I was oohing and ahhing and touching everything! This is Dwell Studio for Robert Allen @ Home and it was 40% off! Win!

You can never have too much ribbon!

Every girl needs a heavy-duty fabric stapler, right?

Any guesses to what I’m working on?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Bulletin boards? Oh, what about that chair that you made Adam pick up off the curb? That would look ahhh-mazing in that fabric!

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