So we looked at a house…

by laura.johnson

I know, aren’t you glad you where sitting down when you read that?  Tis a bit of a shocker considering I’m super in love with the idea of someone else shoveling the snow, clipping the grass, and paying my heating bill, to name a few of the perks of our rental.

What can I say? This particular listing got my attention. Maybe it was the location, just 2 blocks from our friends.  Or the updates, roof, heat, drive way, the ideal floor plan for this point in our lives and the next, or the perfect level of hideousness (drop ceiling, blue shag) that would make for jaw dropping before and afters.   Oh and the price you might say was a draw, it was listed at $11,500.  And no I didn’t forget a 0.

Just as you’d expect the house need more than just a few cosmetic repairs.  I don’t mind tearing out ceiling tiles or working with paneling, but I’m leery of why it’s hiding; cracked falling plaster, structure issues, or even worse mold.  That brings us to our other main concern, the updated roof must have come a few years too late because there had been some decent water damaged that occurred and had been left untreated for quite some time.  Not a deal breaker but something for us to weigh heavily.

Then there was the appliances or lack there of, and the fact the both the heating and electrical would need a major over haul in the near future.  Our oh so cheap house was beginning to look a little pricey.   We did one more jaunt through the house taking in all the potential and making notes of the work that would have to be done.  We spent the short drive home debating the pros and cons short list we’d comprised in our 1/2 hour in the house.  What do to what to do…

Upon opening our apartment door a wave of contentment settled over me, this is home.  While only 550 sq ft it more than meets our needs now and the needs of our immediate future.  I’d love to say that God only needed to remind me of his sufficiency once but it’s a lesson I’m learning over and over again, each time landing myself at His feet more grateful than the time before.

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  1. House hunting can be fun or it can be daunting. Glad you are settled with contentment! But that was a heckofa deal…:) Keep searching and God will make it abundantly clear.

    • laura.johnson May 18, 2011 at 11:00 am

      You are so right Carrie! We actually looked at this house over a month ago, but waited to post about it until we were sure God has us where we should be right now. He will certainly unveil His great plan at the perfect time, until then we’ll focus on surplus of blessings in our life.

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