The man cave

by laura.johnson

Generally we are continually thinking up ways to involve the men we love in our ideas of decor and home. As much as we try to include them, and as much as they try not to leave their ‘stuff’ in piles along the floor, we each need a little space of our own.  Enter the Man Cave.

Our friend Thor (check out he and his wife Joylynn’s front door) has been gracious enough to share his spacious cavern.  So I’ll let him take it from here:

Every man should have his space. For me, it’s the basement. My wife has provided me with the luxury of having up to half a quarter the basement for my stuff. This is where I keep my hobbies (i.e., music and photography). It also has given my wife a place to put stuff that is found laying around the house that I absent mindedly leave on a counter, table, or in rare cases, the floor.

Not everyone has space for the kind of Man Cave I am privileged to have. That doesn’t mean a man doesn’t need his space. For instance, in a small apartment with two boys, sometimes having a table and chair and a sign that says “Man Cave” on it will suffice to hide out. To be sure, it will be harder to hide out in the middle of the living room, so sticking the table and chair (and sign) in a corner will likely work best.

How the Man Cave is kept will vary widely on the individual preferences of the man. Mine is a bit scattered, bleak, and mildly rustic, but others have number 2 pencils neatly sharpened and in line. Some elements common to a Man Cave are computers, speakers, gizmos, papers, flashlights, headphones, tools, and cords that aren’t connected to anything.

My wife and I watch movies in the Man Cave somewhat regularly, so it isn’t as though the Man Cave needs to be exclusive to the man, but chances are the presence of a lady in a Man Cave will be the exception and not the rule.

Does the man in your life have his own space?

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  1. I totally agree about men needing their spaces! Mine is in my garage. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine!

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