Spring decorating

by Andrea Cooley

I realize the big thing to do when it’s spring is clean, but I think decorating is way more fun!

I finally finished this yarn wreath that I started back in February and thought it would look right at home next to my calendar. What do you think?

The wreath was really easy to make. Wrap yarn around a floral wreath form (from Hobby Lobby or Michaels). I used hot glue to make sure the ends don’t unwind. Then I made little fabric yo-yos with button in the center and put those on with hot glue. I hung it with a ribbon leftover from some packaging. Gotta love putting the “random scraps” as Adam calls them to good use!

Don’t be intimidated by the yo-yos! I was at first, but they are super easy to make. Here’s a good description of how to sew a fabric yo-yo.

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Andrea Cooley

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