Spring wreath

Spring Wreath

by Andrea Cooley

You can never have too many wreaths in my opinion! If you’ve been reading the blog for the last couple years, you know that I’ve made my fair share of wreaths. I hang them on the door, over the fireplace, in frames, and on the wall. I make them for Christmas, seasons, and just because!

DIY wreathsIf you need a little inspiration, here are some of my favorites:

Book page wreath

Burlap wreath with flowers

Burlap loop wreath

Felt ball wreath

Shim wreath

grape vine wreath and flowers

Even though I have plenty of wreaths already made, I wanted something a little bigger, and a little springier for the front door. So I headed to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies.

The pre-made wreaths were 50% off, but even then they were still $40-$50. More than I wanted to spend. I grabbed a 24-inch grapevine wreath for $6.99 (I also found out these never go on sale). Then I found some yellow and white flowers. I thought they were 50% off, but when I got to the check out I found out they weren’t. I was tempted to put them back and wait for them to go on sale, but I decided I was there now and even with the flowers being full price, the wreath would still only be $25, far less than the pre-made ones.

spring grapevine wreath

Seeing the front door in a picture makes me realize how much it needs a little TLC. It faces south and the sun hasn’t been kind to it over the years. I wonder if they make sunscreen for wood? It could definitely stand to be sanded and restained!

spring wreathHere’s what it looks like from the street. Very springy!

spring wreath

I snipped pieces of the flowers off and stuck them in the wreath. So far none have fallen out and if I ever want to redo it, it will be easy to pull them out.

Is anyone else decorating for spring?

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