Steamy Love

by laura.johnson

It’s no secret that humidifiers are a must in the winter. Dry skin, parched lips, cracking throats. Do yourself (and your partner) a favor. If you aren’t already using this delightful home remedy you should be!

I will admit, there is one not so awesome detail about humidifiers. After being on all night you might wake up to a room smelling like a stale Florida swamp. Gotta tell you from experience, it’s not great. BUT I have a solution–essential oils. More specifically, lavender essential oils and other calming blends. A drop or two is all you need, and instantly the room is filled with a lovely calming fragrance. ahhh. Now my nose is as happy as my not-so-dry skin.

Speaking of just add water, look how great my paper whites are doing! I have a bloom, and the bulbs I thought were duds turned out to just be ‘late bloomers’. I feel so bad for my earlier misjudgment.

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  1. Late bloomers are always judged a bit too soon. :) I’m sure the bulbs won’t take it the wrong way !

  2. I’m going to try the lavendar oil in the humidifier bit today and see how it works!

  3. Did you climb on rolling chairs to take that picture?! Danger!

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