Stellar Stencils

by laura.johnson

Drooling yet? This weekend I’ve spent my downtime searching the world-wide-web for gorgeous stencils. Yep that is my idea of a good time. Here are some of the beauties I stumbled across:

Above: Eastern Lattice from Royal Design Studios

Spirograph Template from Make Up the Wall

I’m not quite sure if this counts as a stencil per se, but for one-of-a-kind designs, simply grab your favorite sharpie, place the Spirograph template over a nail, and get loopy. Who said you can’t draw on the walls?

Kyoto from Royal Design Studios

Pretty and complex… just like me.

Zagora Trellis from the Cutting Edge Stencil Shop
So sleek so modern, how could you not be drawn to this metalic beauty?

Zinna Grande from the Cutting Edge Stencil Shop

I’m not sure I could convince my dear husband to spring for this look, but something about these friendly zinnias makes me smile.

Knot from Sunny’s Goodtime Paints

Simple, clean, beautiful, how can you knot just love this stencil. I can think of all sorts projects I could put this guy to use one: table runners, pillows, headboards, dressers, steps… oh it’s just too much excitement I must stop!

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