Tree stump projects

Stump Shopping

by Andrea Cooley

tree stumps_2Tell me I’m not the only person who gets excited when they see a pile of tree stumps sitting by the road. Adam never stops, but when I see them, my wheels start spinning with all the fabulous things that I could do with them.

So even though it was sad that the HUGE birch tree in Laura and Cody’s backyard had to come down (it was rotten and got hit pretty bad by a storm), we both immediately started talking about what we could do with the stumps.

tree stumpsLook at these beauties! They will use a lot of it for firewood, but Laura has given me permission to claim a few. I’m sure I won’t do anything with them until after baby boy comes, but I see stump tables, trivets, and artwork in my future!

birch logAnd check out how wonderful and peely this log is! I’m hoping to have Adam cut it into foot-long sections to stack in our fireplace during the summer.

And because I’m a visual person, here are some of the ideas I’m considering for decorating with tree stumps:

painted tree stumps, fernsHow gorgeous are these painted tree slices from Country Living?

painted top tree stump side table

The Nester recently updated her stump table with paint and gold upholstery tacks. Love!

tree slice chalkboard


Why not paint a tree slice with chalkboard paint? via Olive Manna

DIY tree branch vase

Or hollow out a branch and use as a vase. via California Home Design

tree slice side table with wire legsAdd wire legs to a tree slice for a rustic/modern table. via Emily Henderson


I definitely see some tree trunk candle holders in my future. via Happier Homemaker

Is anyone else inspired by random things like tree stumps? Have you made anything cool with them? I’d love to know!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. aboundingabundance July 24, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Okay, this post makes me laugh because it totally reminds me of my own creepiness. There was a big storm that blew through our town last fall and as a result, there were a lot of downed tree limbs. There was one house in particular that I would drive past almost everyday and they had this huge pile of stumps, limbs, etc. Everyday I wanted to stop by and ask if I could have a stump and everyday I thought how ridiculous I would look asking. Finally one day they had all of it cleared out and I had lost my chance. I still think about it when I see random tree stump “art” or “crafts” on the web.

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