Stylish Storage: Vintage Suitcases

by laura.johnson

Storage is always at a premium with apartment living and often leaves me scratching my head wondering where in the world I should put ____. If you search the web there are all sorts of organizational strategies to help maximize your space, but few are as stylish as this sweet cream suitcase I stumbled upon at a garage sale a few years ago.

At first I thought I would just stash away a few occasional table linens, napkins, maybe a few decorations. The cases tuck so cleanly under our sofa and chairs they are always fairly easy to access without cluttering up our closets or floor space.  And as we’ve added to our collection we’ve found all sorts of great uses for them.

We’ve managed to store all of our DVDs in this case.

This slimline briefcase is perfect for holding our smelly fish supplies, and slides right under our TV/tank for easy access.

Most of our card and travel games fit snugly in this overnight case we inherited from Cody’s Grandma Johnson.  She was such a thrifty woman I’m sure she’d be thrilled with the new use for her old travel case. And yes incase you were wondering we are one of those nerdy couples that owns A LOT of board and card games.

I’m a little afraid of what is in this small trunk, (Cody packed it) but it sure doubles nicely as an end table.

Best of all, it was made right here in Saginaw, just down the street and around the corner from where we live.

And these small train cases are perfect for corralling beauty products all in one place.  Our little girl has already started filling her’s and she’s got several months before she’ll ever need a drop of these products!

So there you have my little storage secret. That is just one of the many way we’ve managed to fit almost all of our belongings (and some for our newest addition) in our little 550 sq foot abode. What are your storage secrets for all of those ‘what do I do with’ items?

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