Succulents and Map Art

by Andrea Cooley

DSC_0580This little vignette in our family room makes me smile every time I see it. There's nothing very special about it, but somehow, the combination of simple map art that I made and stenciled the word "home" on and the fresh green of the succulents make me happy. And that's what decorating is about, right? Creating spaces and places that feel like home.

decorating with succulentsThe longer we are in this house, the more I am finding my style. If I had to nail down my decorating style, I would say it's a part rustic, part eclectic, a little classic, clean, and fresh. It doesn't have to look like your house and it doesn't always have to match, as long as I am comfortable with it and it works for our family.

Before Emerson was born, I had my succulents lines up along the back windowsill. They loved all the sunlight there (really, they told me!) and I loved having them there. Fast forward a year, and obviously it doesn't make sense to have plants at eye level to a 1-year-old in breakable containers! So I moved the plants to the top of the bookshelf, far away from curious hands, and I think I like them there better than on the windowsill. Like I said, decorating evolves with our life. 

orchid budThe containers are another one of my favorite parts of this little scene. I found them both at flea markets and love how unique they are. They feel mid-century modern to me, but they don't have any special markings. They could be knock-offs for all I know! 

DSC_0588The big old dictionary was a garage sale find and will probably have pages torn out of it for a project one of these days. For now it's a colorful plant stand.

DSC_0586I realize this picture doesn't look like much, but if you look closely, you can see that there is a bloom on my orchid! It's the first orchid I've ever had. Adam gave it to me last year for Valentine's Day and it bloomed for months before it went dormant. I kept watering it 1/4 cup every week like the directions said. I can't wait for it to bloom again!

DSC_0585Can you see how simple the map art is? I cut strips out of random maps, glued them down, and stenciled the word home on it. It's far from perfect, but that's the way I like it.


I made these little button flowers years ago (probably before I blogged, hence the lack of how-tos) and put them in an old glass jar decorated with a piece of washi tape. They have moved around the house, but I think they've found a home on this shelf.

How has your decorating style evolved the longer you live in a place, or got married, or had kids?

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