Summer Refresh

by Andrea Cooley

I love everything about you print

Things have been quiet on the blog lately for lots of reasons. It's summer and I've been enjoying morning walks with baby boy, afternoon play dates at the splash pad, and I had 3 photo shoots in June (they were fine, but they reinforced the fact that I'm so thankful I don't have to work 8-10 hour days 5 days a week!)

I've also been feeling uninspired. Almost to the point of walking away from this little online home. I think everyone with a blog feels this way from time to time. Posting is a lot of work! And while I love it, when the words and pictures and ideas aren't flowing it becomes a job instead of a creative endeavor. But I couldn't bring myself to pull the plug. Partly because we've put so  much work into it over the last few years and partly because I know if it was gone I'd miss it too much in a few months.

All that to say, Laura and I had a powwow this weekend (the husbands were on baby duty for 5 hours –it was a luxury!) and decided we are going to keep blogging. We realized why we are such a good team when I said I wanted to be able to write without worrying about taking pictures and Laura said she had lots of pictures she's taken of projects but hasn't had inspiration to write about them. How had we not talked about this in the last 6 months? I love that we have so many similar passions and yet we're still so different!

So, we are going to continue collaborating with me doing more of the writing and Laura doing more of the photos. Our goal is to post twice a week. We really like focusing on marriage on Monday and then Wednesday we will focus on something design related. I'm sure we'll sprinkle in projects as we finish them, but for now we can't commit to posting finished projects each week.

We hope you'll stick with us through this! This little blog is a passion for us that has grown as you've read it and shared in our life changes and decorating challenges and triumphs. We love to hear from you! If there are things you want to know, ask! Whether it's how we keep the spark alive in our marriages on limited sleep or how we survive a trip to the hardware store with our hubbies without arguing about if we really need another drill, we're happy to share.

And because I can't post without a few pretty pictures and a quick project idea, here's a quick project that makes me smile every time I see it.

magnetic tray I love everything about you

I picked up an old metal tray at a thrift store (I wish I'd gotten more! they're cheap and have so many uses) I gave it a quick wipe down and drilled two holes in the top. Then I threaded some jute through holes and hung it up.

The icing on the cake is the pretty "I Love Everything About You" quote hanging on it with a magnet (that's the beauty of a metal tray, it's magnetic!). I downloaded the free print from Gerbera Designs and colored it with colored pencils.

I love everything about you art

It hangs right next to our bathroom door, so I see it every morning when I wake up. We didn't have anything hanging there before and it's such a pretty pick-me-up!

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