Sunday afternoons

by Andrea Cooley

In my pre-home-owning life, Sunday afternoons were for napping, lounging on the sofa, talking on the phone, and watching movies. Now that we have a house and a yard and all the responsibilities that come with home ownership, Sunday afternoons look something like this:

rake leaves
go to Ace Hardware for furnace filters (if you haven’t replaced your filter this year, do yourself a favor and get a new one. I’m embarrassed by how filthy ours was and am hoping the house won’t be so dusty now that we have a clean one…)
do some laundry
go back to Ace for a Christmas tree stand
buy a Christmas tree
vacuum all the needles up
take a power nap
fold laundry
go back go Ace a third time for moth balls (yes, we have moths. And they discovered one of my go-to merino wool black cardigans)

It barely fit in the back of our Toyota Matrix

The most exciting thing on the list is the Christmas tree. We splurged and got a real tree for the first time this year. Adam has wanted one for years, but there wasn’t really room in the condo. We got it in the house, but we’re just going to enjoy it bare for a few nights. I don’t have the energy to decorate it yet!

It’s tall, 8 feet I think! It almost goes to the ceiling, hopefully the star will fit on top. It’s a Canaan Fir, which is a cross between a Fraser and Balsam fir. It smells amazing!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. That’s a beautiful tree! I’m excited for you! Did you change the name of your blog?

  2. Congratulations! Our first Christmas together Nate splurged and got me a huge wonderful tree that towered in my two story living room. I loved it, so did he! Even though it took him forever to saw the bottom off and then we turned our carpet green trying to vacuum up fresh needles! The next year we had a curious nine month old and so we borrowed a little four foot fake tree and put it on a table!

    Merry Christmas!

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