Thankful in April

by Andrea Cooley

april collageApril was a good month. There were more sunny days than cold, rainy days, lots of play dates, and overall life is good!

1. The first signs of spring! There are whispers of green on the trees and flowers are poking through the cold earth.

2. Opening day and ice cream cones at Snookies, the neighborhood malt shop. If you're in Des Moines and haven't been, it's a must!

3. Rainy days and splashing in puddles.

4. Finding out we're having a boy! I'm so excited for Emerson to have a little brother and that this little guy will only be a few weeks younger than Laura and Cody's babe.

5. Multiple game nights with friends.

6. Going to the zoo with Laura, Lydia, and Emerson. Hooray for their 1 plus 1 pass that let's us join them for free!

7. Grilling out regularly. It ensures that Adam has plenty of meat on the menu!

8. Grocery shopping at Aldi. I only started going here this month and while I don't do all my shopping here, I feel like we're saving money! Especially on fruit and staples like crackers and canned goods.

9. Beautiful Midwest sunsets. We may not have mountains or an ocean, but we do have beautiful open skies!

10. Easter Sunday. We serve a Risen King! Hallelujah!

11. Emerson has turned a corner and is now fairly good in the car on road trips. He even sleeps in the car seat now which is a huge bonus!

12. A neighborhood library. I'm there at least once a week either to work or with Emerson and love it!

13. Multiple parks within walking distance. We love our neighborhood!

14. Sleeping with the windows open

15. Lazy rainy afternoons and long naps

16. Helpful strangers. I'm noticeably pregnant now and while I'm always great at asking for help, this is a time when I can't refuse it! I had bought some heavy pots for an upcoming photo shoot and got help loading them into the car.

17. Last minute dinner on the deck with friends.

18. The sound of neighbors mowing the lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass!

19. Neighbors! Emerson and I love it when the big kids get home from school and we can hang out and catch up

20. For friends who let me strip my cloth diapers on their washing machine (ours is high efficiency so I didn't think it would work)

21. Nice nights when Adam and I can be outside after Emerson goes to bed. It's like a mini date!

22. Blooming trees! I'm thankful I don't have allergies so I can fully enjoy them.

23. A car full of fun finds from IKEA and a budget to pay for them.

24. Reblooming orchids! They are one of my new favorite house plants!

25. Dreaming about what we'll plant in our vegetable garden. Only a few more weeks and we can start digging!

26. A weekend with both of our families. It's always so fun to see everyone love on Emerson.

27. An abundance of grocery shopping options. I realized the other day that I regularly shop at no less than 5 places throughout the month for food (Aldi, Hy-Vee, Costco, Trader Joe's, Dahl's). Yes, it can become a little excessive, but I am thankful for all the options!

28. Continuing to have energy and feeling pretty good in my second trimester. I know I need to take advantage of it before I hit the third trimester!

29. Connecting with more bloggers. Most recently I've added Oakland Avenue and Many Sparrows to my reader and have loved getting to know Laura and Kayla!

30. Laura has now officially been pregnant with baby boy for longer than she was pregnant with Lydia. Hallelujah!


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