Thankful in February

by Andrea Cooley

Feb Collage

1. God knew what he was doing when he created snow to be pretty and fluffy and white. If it wasn't I don't think anyone would survive the winter!

2. A garbage disposer. Most days Emerson is a good eater, but even then he never seems to eat everything on his tray. As my mom would say, we keep our garbage disposer well fed!

3. Adam snow blowing. Adam was out of town when it snowed a few inches earlier in the month. I cleared a path to the garage with a shovel, but left the rest to him. Emerson and I stayed inside the warm house while he did the hard work!

4. Olympics! I'm embarrassed to admit how many hours I sat planted on the sofa watching skiing, skating, and bobsledding, but I loved every minute of it! Just what I needed to break up the month of February!

5. Sunny skies in California. Emerson spent a few days in Menlo Park while Adam had training for his new job at Facebook.

6. Walks to the park (in California, not Iowa!)

7. Flowers blooming (again, in California, not here)

8. Tulips. I subtly told Adam if he was going to get me flowers for Valentines Day, that I prefer tulips to roses and he came through!

9. Valentine's dinner with friends. The guys cooked and the girls got to sit back and enjoy!

10. Melting snow and splashing through puddles with the stroller, before more snow came

11. In 'n Out burger and fries. Another California treat

12. A new washing machine. I think it's a sign of adulthood when you are excited about a new appliance. The machine that came with the house finally broke down and Sears delivered a new one on Monday.

13. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. My favorite!

14. A bunch of daffodils from Trader Joes for less than $2. These are always a sign of spring!

15. Juicy grapefruit. I've been pealing them like and orange and eating them over the sink, delicious!

16. Painting. I'm working on the entryway, I promise to post pictures when it's done. It's so satisfying to finally do a project you've been thinking about for years.

17. Cute rain boots. Somehow I've never owned a pair. I decided this was the year to change that! Now if it will just warm up so I can wear them!

18. Hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time

19. Spending a day and a night with a dear friend and her kiddos. It's wonderful to be able to just live life together!

20. If: Local. This was an amazing women's conference! I'm still processing everything I heard from the speakers and I'm excited to see how God uses our generation of women.

21. Cooking a whole chicken in the crockpot. So easy and so delicious!

22. An afternoon at the Botanical Center. It's so worth the $5 admission (and kiddos under 2 are free!) to walk around in 80 degrees for a little while.

23. Parents who will come spend a weekend with Emerson so Adam and I can have a weekend away. I've been looking forward to this all winter!

24. After being gone for almost 2 weeks, having Adam home for multiple days in a row!

25. DVR. It's a ridiculous luxury that I could live without, but I just love zipping through commercials!

26. Meeting and holding two dear friends' baby girls for the first time.

27. Finally making time to read Emily Freeman's A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live and working on my purpose statement. Has anyone else read it?

28. Two uninterrupted hours in a coffee shop with Laura. We see each other all the time, but we're usually busy chasing kids. It was a luxury to sit and chat! Thanks Cody and Adam!


Most of the pictures above are from instagram. Follow me here!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Lots to be thankful for! So excited for Adam's new job and the new baby and all that is well in your world. 

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