Thankful in June

by Andrea Cooley

June Collage

  1. The longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer. I love the long, lazy nights of summer. Whether we’re working in the yard or just sitting out back, it’s great to be outside!

  2. Swimming at a friend’s pool

  3. Boating! There’s something about being out on the water that is just good for my soul.

  4. Successful photo shoots. I still get nervous in the days leading up to them, but I’m getting more confident in my work and learning to enjoy the process.

  5. FaceTime with family. It’s the next best thing to having family in town.

  6. Father’s Day. Adam is such an amazing dad to Emerson. I can’t wait to see him with our new baby!

  7. Baptism. Our church has a baptism every year and it’s an awesome time of hearing people’s testimonies and celebrating the hope we have in Christ.

  8. Square marshmallows for s’mores. For real! Also the s’mores blizzard from Dairy Queen.

  9. Juicy, delicious, watermelon icy cold out of the refrigerator.

  10. Adam helping me paint the bedroom that will be Emerson’s once the baby moves to the nursery. We’re a good team!

  11. Coffee with a new friend from church.

  12. Adam letting me sleep in and taking care of me while I had a summer cold. Mom’s don’t get sick days, but an extra 30 minutes in bed is priceless!

  13. Grilling out with our church small group. It’s so fun to get together and see our kids play!

  14. Leftovers. I’m famous for making way more than a family of 3 can eat in one sitting, but don’t mind eating the same thing for days on end.

  15. Our 2nd annual family vacation with friends. This year we headed to Lake Okoboji!

  16. Cleaning out closets and the basement for a garage sale with a friend

  17. Celebrating a dear friend with a surprise 1/2 birthday party

  18. Salads with lettuce from the garden!

  19. Our first trip to the farmer’s market and breakfast burritos and apple cider donuts

  20. Co-working with a friend at a coffee shop. We sit with our computers, but it’s nice to not be alone and to have someone to chat with.

  21. Quiet nights at home alone. I don’t love it when Adam travels, but I’m making the most of some quiet nights and enjoying “me time”

  22. Fireflies, or lightning bugs. They really are magical creatures, aren’t they?

  23. Splurging on HBO GO for a month. We wanted to watch the 4th season of Game of Thrones!

  24. Air conditioning and fans! I know we’re spoiled, but I’m a happier person when I’m not sweaty!

  25. An afternoon to sit in the sun by the pool

  26. Blueberry pie, so good!

  27. Safe travel home from Okoboji through storms

  28. Electricity. We were without power for 4 hours after a storm and you don’t realize how much you depend on it ’til it’s gone

  29. Glittering sunlight on water

  30. Daniel Tiger. Emerson loves it and it gives me a few minutes to myself every morning!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Lucan’s favorite cartoon is Daniel Tiger or “DT” as we fondly refer to him. DT is getting a new baby sister this fall so we’re excited for that :)
    Apple cider doughnuts are some of our favorites from the Farmers’ Market too. Surprisingly affordable and delicious!

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