The art of thanks

by Andrea Cooley

Growing up, my mom engrained into me and my siblings that after Christmas or birthdays we always wrote thank you notes. I was telling Adam that after Christmas especially, we had to have our thank you notes written before we went back to school. Adam joked that since I really liked school (yes, I’m a type A, overachiever) this was a good incentive for me. I argue that I was an appreciative soul who liked to write, so I would have written thank-you notes regardless.

Am I the only one who still writes thank you notes? I’m not talking about an email, text, or wall post, but a handwritten note. Granted, it’s now more than a week into the new year and I’m just now getting my thank yous in the mail (mom, don’t worry, you’ll get yours soon!), but I still write thank you notes. Now it’s not because my mom is telling me I can’t leave the kitchen table until they’re written, but because I want to!

As I was pulling out my stationary, stamps, and address book the other night, I informed Adam that I want to teach our kids to write thank you notes some day. He sheepishly told me that he wasn’t sure if he’s ever written a thank you in his life (yes, I even wrote all the thank yous from our wedding.

Now that I’ve said “thank you” 53 times in 3 paragraphs, I’m done!

Did anyone else grow up writing thank you notes?

And, if you don’t have stationary, here’s a link to the image above, it’s a free download, score!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Me! I wrote (and still write) thank yous. Especially for the gifts that we’ve gotten….now that I’m in charge of my money (meaning I’m not dependent on my parents) I know how much things cost and what a sacrifice it is to give a gift…I’m way more appreciative now than I ever was as a kid!

  2. Your mama taught you right. I’m really horrible at writing thank you notes…maybe a new goal for the year :)

  3. So glad to hear other people still write thank yous!

  4. Yes, my mom taught me the same think and I still do this (most of the time!) or at least believe its STILL the best way to communicate love and appreciation. I’m addicted to greeting cards of all kinds. :-)

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