The Day the Music/Cofeemaker Died

by laura.johnson

We are a coffee household, we don’t wake up unless the dark brew is calling our name. Yet after only 17 happy months together our dearly departed coffeemaker went ka-put.

It was a wedding gift from a friend and so I am overly sentimental when it comes to this dark beauty so I over looked many of his minor flaws. So what if he leaked (hence the tray) all over our counters, or that we could never quite get the settings right to brew the perfect pot for both of us. All minor grievances in my book when is comes to a sentimental gift. I loved that we could make after dinner espressos for friends or flavored milk steamers for their little girls. It felt fancy, almost decadent.

Until we bring ourselves to buy a new one we are making ‘camping coffee’, boiling water on the stove, (we threw out our kettle) pouring it over grounds, and into our retro thermal pitcher.

Not bad, but it’s no preprogramed automatic drip.

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  1. So sad about your coffee maker. Can I recommend a Bodum? I got my husband a travel on a few years ago that proudly proclaimed “Give up bad coffee for good.” His response: Really? I don’t think so. All of our coffee makers have since found their way to Goodwill and garage sales :)

  2. As I sit in the early morning hours with my cup of freshly brewed coffee, made from freshly ground fair trade coffee beans, activated by an automatic timer, and a lifestyle partner who just added a spoonful of ice cream to her coffee ( a learned behavior), and typing run on sentences, this sad story almost brought a tear to my eye (almost being the operative word).
    Have a good day (as I go for a refill).

    just tom

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