The gift of copper

by Andrea Cooley

I mentioned that the gift material for the 7th anniversary is copper. I gave Adam a copper key chain, but I had to wait until we got home from our babymoon to get my gift.

I'll be honest, I was a little nervous when I saw the box it came in. It was BIG! And the shipping address said it was from a faucet company. So of course I was envisioning a copper faucet or fixture of some sort, which I wasn't really excited about.

To make matters worse, Adam was really excited about what he got me. That made me even more nervous. See, I'm not always the most gracious receiver of gifts. I know, I know, it's the thought that counts, but there have been some gifts in the past that I haven't been the most gracious recipient of.

I shouldn't have been worried, because the gift was amazing! He got me two gorgeous copper pots! He knows how much I love my plants and he got something special for me to put them in! He's definitely a keeper.I've been waiting for it to cool down so I could put mums in them. Now that it's September, I'm hoping that they don't get fried.Adam even drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, I told you he was the best!I found the biggest mum I could and picked a plant with lots of buds on it. I love it!
The second pot is more like a pail. Don't the orange blooms look great with the copper?

Adam's been busy this weekend putting his chainsaw to work. He cut down some dead branches and some limbs that were getting close to the house. And now we have a stack of wood to burn!

I also have visions of cutting some of the logs into coasters. Has anyone done that before?Check out that handsome guy! Put a power tool in his hands and he can't help but smile!

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Andrea Cooley

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