The Grace of Life

by laura.johnson

See this rug? Isn't it pretty? I have a story about it, but first a little side step.

I've recently stumbled upon 1 Peter 3:7 which refers to marriage as 'the grace of life'. Beautiful, right? My romantic side took over as I thought of the beautiful illustration of God's love and grace for us. Like a teenage girl, or a new bride, I reveled in that imagery a moment for awhile, then proceeded to remember how quickly the message truly takes root in our lives.

Now back to the rug, as we were setting up our first home, I decided I would allow myself one total splurge purchase. Something for our new home that I would typically love while in the store, but never allow myself to bring home. I had been drooling over Moroccan prints for months and Pier 1 had a delightful mix of indoor and outdoor rugs that made my little newlywedded heart jump for joy. So I chose the most not-girly one I could find, tucked it under my arm and headed to the register. Got it home, and it looked great! Cody loved it, I loved it, Cody loved that I loved it, all was well.

Being the ever helpful husband awhile later Cody was doing some laundry, and by some laundry I mean 6 loads including a load of bleached whites, talk about a super husband! When I got home that night I noticed all the clean clothes and a small white spot on my our new splurge rug.  My best guess is that in all of the laundry hustle a small amount of bleach dripped out of the bottle and on to our rug.  It took some sheer will, but in that moment I decided that I would choose to love my husband more than that silly rug.

Marriage is the grace of life. More than goofy grins and twittering hearts, it's the true extension of grace to one another, even when it's your pretty new rug.

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  1. In moments like that, it’s so hard to stop and re-aline our perspective. Thanks goodness that God’s looking out for us, and our best intentions. :)

  2. Marriage is indeed about grace towards each other! And man, oh man, does Thor give me a LOT of grace. I hope your girls weekend is fabulous!

  3. I’d do a quick touch-up with a red Sharpie.

  4. This was so touching!! It is hard for me to hold my tongue and keep from being critical. I need to remember to be thankful when my husband does step up and offer to help. Thanks for the reminder. :) Visiting from Nesting Place! Hope you’ll stop by my blog too. :)

  5. You could leave the white spot there and consider how much you love your husband who adores you so much that he would wash six loads of laundry. In the big picture, no one is going to walk into your house and say, “Wow! Look at that white spot on the rug!” They will say, “Great rug!” and “Where did you get that gorgeous orange vase?”

  6. It can be really hard sometimes to stop yourself and refocus, but it’s SO worth it. Good for you!

  7. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing the beauty surrounding that spot.

  8. Wow, that was beautiful!!!

  9. Who could be mad at a hubby that did six loads of laundry anyways??
    I would smile at the white spot on the rug every time I saw it.
    Love the rug….
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I do love the rug, too. But, you have priorities in order!

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