The great TV debate

by Andrea Cooley

Adam has been campaigning for a new, bigger TV ever since we moved into our house. I kept putting it off, saying we needed to paint first and get a TV stand. I knew I couldn’t deter him forever.



I may have freaked out a little when I first saw it in the living room. It’s HUGE! So much bigger than what we had before. Suddenly it’s the focus of the room. Adam timed it well though, and we had friends coming over, so I couldn’t freak out for long.

If I had my way, we’d have a house with a living room sans TV and a family room with a big screen, but that’s not what we have right now, so I’ll do what I can to minimize it.

I will say, that Adam cleaned up all the cords and we got rid of the speakers that were straggling around. I’m all for that!

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Andrea Cooley

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