Nursery art

The letter “e”

by Andrea Cooley

Valspar Laguna Green "e"

I’ve had “paint letter e” on my to-do list for 3 4weeks now. I guess I’ve been a little busy, feeding the little man every 2 hours, doing laundry, and taking the occassional shower…

Painting and hanging a letter “e” is one of the finishing touches for the nursery. (Of course there are still lots of little things I’d like to do in the room like finish sewing the changing pad cover and bed skirt and finding a clock to hang, but what room is ever completely finished, right?)

I skipped a nap with my sweet baby to grab a paint brush and give this letter “e” from Michael’s a few coats of turquoise paint. I used the sample pot leftover from painting the border in the nursery. I have almost a gallon of the color (so if anyone wants to paint a room let me know!) but the sample pot was much easier to use for such a small project.

Side note: I love Valspar’s new paint samples! The containers didn’t used to be clear, but now it’s easy to see what colors I have. I usually get a few samples before I commit to a color for a room. Then I have leftovers for projects like this!

Valspar Laguna Green "e" nursery letterOnce the letter was dry we had to figure out how to hang it. This of course took another week. And it’s where Adam’s expertise came in.

He had the genius idea to drill an opening in the back that didn’t go all the way through. Of course, he needed a new drill bit to accomplish it, but that’s part of the fun. I also think he wanted an excuse to get out of the house…

Adam insisted that it was necessary to post a picture of the packaging for the drill bits, so here it is. Now that we have them, we will have to find more ways to use them!

Here’s the back of the letter, ready to be hung! We just centered the hole in the top of the “e” and Adam made the hole deep enough for a nail without going all the way through.

Emerson supervised from his swing.

nursery artI love how the “e” pops against the gray wall. Looking at this picture I realize the black frame needs to move to the right and eventually I’d like to add more frames to the wall. Like I said, rooms are never done! But for now, the “e” is checked off the list! And Adam scored a new tool accessory. Not bad for our first project after having a baby!

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