Oil-rubbed bronze sconces

The power of oil-rubbed bronze

by Andrea Cooley

Oil-rubbed bronze sconcesI have been on a mission to banish brass fixtures and finishes in our house over the last two years (by the way, today is our 2 year housiversary!) Last year we got a new chandelier in the dining room.

I had been eyeing the brass sconces over our fireplace for awhile, thinking how easy it would be to give them a quick coat of spray paint and new shades. I ran the idea by Laura and she thought it sounded good. When I mentioned it to Adam he wasn’t convinced. To his credit, he hasn’t been reading about the amazing power of ORB (oil rubbed bronze spray paint) on blogs, so he had a right to be skeptical. I convinced him that if he hated the results we could buy new sconces, BUT if the spray paint and new shades worked, we’d save $50+. He couldn’t argue with that.

We didn’t take down the sconces when we painted the living room, so I was surprised to see that at one point, the room was a taupey brown color. Does anyone else ever lay awake at night wondering what their house was like in a former life? Maybe I’m the only one, but the more projects we do around the house, the more random things we discover that make us wonder what people were thinking (like why everything they hung on the walls needed heavy-duty anchors or why there weren’t any overhead lights in the bedrooms, but I digress.)

Now we know how easy it is to unscrew the lights, so if we ever paint the living room again, we won’t have to paint around them!

I set up a little spray painting area in the basement, since it was too cold to paint outside. Don’t worry, I cracked the windows and turned on a fan. The fumes weren’t terrible, but I don’t know if I’d recommend this! Take one last look at that brass, because it’s gone!

Oil-rubbed bronze sconcesThey look like brand-new sconces! Now if only I could find the little screws that hold the shade in place… I have no idea where I stashed them for safekeeping!

One more shot of the whole mantel. It looks kind of bare, especially after I had it all decorated for Christmas, but I kind of like the minimalist look for now.

All in all, the project only set us back about $13. $6 for the glass shades and $7 for the spray paint. I thought I could use leftover spray paint from when I painted the light post, but there wasn’t any left. Still, not too shabby for new fixtures!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Wow! What a difference – you’re getting me tempted to do that to our gold shiny house fixtures (do you think it would work for our kitchen sink faucet?

  2. Time to tackle that ugly mirror frame in the bathroom. What kind of paint did you use? Too bad Laura can’t be around paint fumes or I would ask her to assist me.

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