The Razz’s Projects and Progress

by laura.johnson
As excited new homeowners we had our list of changes and updates that needed to be done before moving our very new family (Pascal was only 3 months at this time) into our home.  So with zeal we began pulling up carpet, installing over 1300 square feet of floating wood laminate floors, stripping wallpaper, borders, more wallpaper, painting every single room in the house, etc….. etc… all of which we needed to finish in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks after closing on the house before moving in!

Bathroom of Wallpapers Past- up to 3 layers of fun/funky patterns!

Any home renovation can be overwhelming at times.  Just ask my hard working, long suffering husband, Thor, who also happened to still be working a full time job, being a husband to me and a dad to a 3 month old son during those renovation weeks. Really it was a blessed miracle made possible by the sacrificial help of many hard working, long suffering friends and family, including one of the authors of the Ever After Blueprint, Mrs. Laura Johnson and her handy husband Cody. These dear ones sweat, bled, and inhaled lots of dust and paint fumes with no hope of ever getting paid back in anything other than food.

Yesterday I told you about the ghastly ‘before’ state of my favorite room in the house (tiny) bathroom in our master bedroom. We took down the wallpaper and painted it Benjamin Moore’s “Barely Beige” and installed a grey slate looking tile that hides all the shed hair so I don’t have to sweep every day. That’s one valuable lesson I learned: NEVER tile with light tile – debris shows! I put a fresh coat of white paint on the cupboard under the sink, synchronized all the accessories/hooks/mirror/towel ring/Habitat Re-Hab lighting fixture to be silver toned and installed a $4.99 shelf I found at IKEA on clearance. All in all it was a super cheap makeover that gives me a space that is sun filled, quiet space, and I can’t hear my son fussing when I turn on the shower.

It may just be that in the way this house came together, renovation by renovation, piece by piece, that we began to experience the kind of life we wanted to live once settled- one full of visitors, new and frequent.  ~Joylynn Rasmussen
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