The Search for a Sofa

by Andrea Cooley
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The first time Adam and I bought a sofa together he learned quickly that choosing a sofa is not a quick process. This time I spent a lot of time online looking at different options and figuring out how much we wanted to spend. I think our brown sofa is Klaussner. We probably got it for around $800. It's a decent brand, but after 7 years it's starting to show its age. We are still using it in the back room and will probably use it for a lot longer, but I wanted something a little nicer for the living room. We didn't have a set budget, but our range was $1,500 — $2,000.

Adam really wanted a leather sofa and I wasn't completely against leather, but I couldn't find anything I loved that would fit our house. I love Pottery Barn's Turner sofa, but at 104 inches long it's way too big for our house. Maybe some day…

I'm a big fan of West Elm and love getting the catalogs every month and whenever we're in a city with a store we try to visit it. I really wanted to love one of their sofas, but none of them were quite right. They are a little boxier than I like. I like the Montgomery (#5 above), and it's down filled, so I'm sure it's super comfy, but ultimately I wanted something with 3 cushions (I was tired of the gap you always get between the two cushions).

We visited Homemakers, Pottery Barn, and American Furniture. I didn't see anything I really liked at Homemakers. We were close to getting the Cameron sofa (#4 above). I liked that they had it in the showroom so we could sit on it and it was really nice, and I liked that it had 3 cushions, but ultimately I didn't like the rolled arms. Looking at it in the mix above I'm really glad we didn't get it.

I also really like Crate and Barrel. Like Pottery Barn and West Elm a lot of their furniture is made in the United States, which is always a plus and I think it's good quality. I ordered fabric swatches and then all upholstered furniture was on sale! But I couldn't pull the trigger. I really wanted 3 cushions and the the Verano (#7 above) was 45 1/2 inches deep, almost 8 inches deeper than our current sofa. I think it would have felt massive in our living room.

Can you guess which one we got? If you picked #3 you're right! We ordered the Monaco sofa by Rowe at American (it's the only place in town that carries Rowe). There wasn't a model in the showroom, so we ordered it sight unseen, which is a little nerve-wracking after you spend so long searching for something and then have to wait 8-10 weeks after you order it for it to come!

Rowe Monaco sofa I didn't realize how hard it would be to get a picture showing the full sofa, so here's my best attempt. And the sunny windows are nice but they make it super blown out. Sorry!

Recognize the canvas hanging on the wall? It used to be in our bedroom, but I love how it looks in the living room!

Rowe Monaco sofaOnce we decided on the style, we got to choose the fabric. I knew I wanted a solid color. I looked at some sage green swatches, but landed on this light brown. I like that it's not as dark as our other sofa but should still wear well. I think we'll look for lighter accent furniture.

I think I first learned about Rowe Furniture at High Point Furniture Market in 2008 when I worked for Country Home magazine. They have a great selection, are mid-range in terms of price, and are eco-friendly made in the USA. #1 and #8 above are also Rowe. Does anyone else have any Rowe furniture? So far we love our sofa!

And that's the story of how we got our sofa! Now the hunt is on for a new coffee table and new end tables. I'll keep you posted!

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