The Secret to Buying Furniture you Love

by laura.johnson

The scene is all too familiar to me, couples sitting across from me, arms crossed ,closing off communication, eyes jumping for staring each other down to avoiding one another completely, sitting waiting for their mate to cave into their desires.

By this description you’d think I work in a counseling office but no, a furniture showroom, helping people pick out the perfect sofa, easy chair, or dinning set is my day-to-day bread and butter.  Oh boy do I walk into some high stakes tit-for-tat discussions amongst the spouses, she wants comfortable, he want leather, he wants a chair of his own, she wants a beautiful room for guests.

As I watch many couples go through this process together narrowing down furniture groups from ‘oh heck no’ to ‘ehh maybe’ my biggest pieces of advice is; to love your spouse more than your sofa.

Work together to an option that works for both of you.  Because once it makes its way from the prestine showroom to your home what you’ll want most is the one you love by your side.

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  1. haha! That was me (and Matt)! I am a buyer in the retail industry, so I know just how much things can be altered if you ask. I’m asking the people, can I have down filling? Can I have different patterned pillows? Do you have a warmer grey?
    My husband cannot deal with my shopping so we keep each other very happy and do it separately :)

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