The touch, the feel of cotton

by laura.johnson

Like my new present?  Wait, as it turns out you don’t look at my bedroom everyday (whew) so you might not notice the little changes, so let me show you.

It’s these guys, AND 400 count, Egyptian cotton, steel blue sheets to compliment! I know, I’m a lucky gal.

Awhile back, Cody and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, maybe I was too lazy to blog about it, or maybe I’m still working out the details of this online/offline life, but either way I wanted to keep that holiday all to ourselves, well at least until I got these!

As Andrea noted earlier this month, the traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. Unfortunately, our gifts to each other this year where total misses.  I got Cody an athletic performance fabric hat that was 100% nylon (aka NOT cotton) and a thrifted T-shirt to accompany the non-cotton gift.  He wrinkled his nose the t-shirt, and while he liked the idea of the hat,  upon further inspection realized it was a WOMAN’S hat, whoops.

Cody got me new luxurious sheets because he knew it bothered me that the nice sheets we registered for had faded and not held up to my overly high expectations. He hunted high and low, and found sheets that were both luxurious and durable; but they were gold.  Not rich, luxe gold, more like, ‘why-does-my-bed-have-a-metallic-look’ type gold.  So back both presents went, and we received our self-chosen replacement presents last week.

Which brings me to my oh-so-beautiful new pillowcases!  They are pretty enough I almost want to make the bed in the morning.  So why not buy the whole sha-bang?  Well even though I’ve been eyeing these sheets from Target for a LONG time, Cody was less than thrilled with the possibility of yet another pattern in our bedroom, remember he is a bold and solid type of guy.

So we settled for a compromise that doesn’t feel very much like a compromise: solid sheets that are much nicer, and have a higher thread count, yet still splurging on the completely unnecessary pillowcases for a pop of pattern. The ways my husband loves me!

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