The votes are in!

by laura.johnson

A little over a week ago I posted that I had won a $20 shopping spree at I begged and pleaded with you to save me from my indecisive nature and vote for which lovely item ended up in our home.

It has been a funny week as I’ve asked those around me, “did you vote?” Honestly most people gave me an “ahhhhhh, I was going to do that.” But the best response of course came from my husband. When I asked him what he voted for he said “Oh the Leaf Table Runner of course, it’s vinyl so I don’t have to worry about spilling on it.”  See, you just gotta love him.

Now dear friends it is time for the winner that you chose.

(with this much anticipation I could host American Idol or at least Saginaw Idol)

The Fiesta Hostess Serving Bowl

Now all I have to do is wait for it to show up on my door step so I can fill it with all sorts of wonderful winter candy fruit. Thanks for voting!

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